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Articles - When your pet gets Travel Sickness

by Caroline Kjall at DogBasics

If your dog suffers from motion sickness, drools or throws up in the car, there are things you can do to ease his suffering.

Below is a link to a web site about natural remedies that you can give your dog before a drive, to help her cope with the stress of the journey.

Even if the sickness is based on fear, it is still stress related and she could be helped by B6 vitamins. Here is the link:http://www.sfgsrescue.org/articles/carsick.htm

There is also a specific herb called Scullcap & Valerian by Dorwest Herbs, which will help against travel sickness. The local vet here in Hitchin sell them and I'm sure other vet practices and pet shops sell them too.

It is a great idea to sit with her in a stationary car and just get her used to the environment. Maybe bring a filled Kong with you, that she can munch on in the car, whilst you read the morning paper.

When you've done this often enough for her to be relaxed and happy to jump into the car with the engine off, you go through the same process all over again, but this time with the engine on. The car is still stationary though. Once she's happy with this, you can make small trips with her.

It is beneficial if you can take the trips to a favourite place of your dogs, such as your local dog park, a friends house, etc, and then for one of you to walk your dog home, so that the trip ends with something really positive and not another dreaded car trip home.

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