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Louise Rennie @ Walk The Dogs

Area: West Midlands

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Louise Rennie at Walk The Dogs

Interview with...

Louise Rennie @ Walk The Dogs

Which pet service/s do you offer?
The services that I offer are Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Horse Care and a Pet Taxi.
If you offer dog sitting or walking, please tell us some specifics.
All my dog walks are one to one so that all my attention and care can be given to the dog that I am with. My walks range from 20 minutes up to an hour or more if the client requires it. The activities that I offer vary and are tailored to each dog that I care for.
What are your opening hours?
I am on call 24/7, 365 days a year.
How long have you run your business for (in months or years)?
3 years.
What type of pet/s do you have yourself?
My pets include 2 gorgeous chocolate labradors (Bruce & Amber), 5 rabbits, 1 guinea pig and a chinchilla.
Do you have any recommendations to other pet owners?
Care well for you pets and you will receive unconditional love and affection.
Do you have any dreams for the future?
I plan to keep on caring for peoples pets. I am a huge animal lover and dream of offering my services to as many pets as possible.

Testimonials for...

Louise Rennie @ Walk The Dogs

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3 August 2013

We are very happy with the service that Lousie has provided since she took over from Anji. Theo seems pretty pleased too!! I recieve a text after each walk to let me know how Theo is doing which is handy and re-assuring in case of any problems. Theo has recentley had surgery and Louise has kept an eye on his progress when we have been at work. Lou gets a 'paws up' from Theo! Amanda Moorcroft

16 July 2013

The company is bril more friends and very reliable. Freddie gets walked weekdays & I get a text after every walk to say alls well. They've helped in emergencies: xmas day and played in the garden with her when she couldn't walk after surgery & they've looked after her whilst I've been away. I trust them with her and I don't trust some of my friends to look after her. Amanda

12 May 2013

Lou offers a fantastic service that both us and our dog love! She is extremely reliable and treats our dog Charlie as if he was one of her own pets. He very much enjoys her visits and walks and we enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that Lou is looking after him when we can't! Josh and Kate

The testimonials below are for the previous owner of the business, Anji Morrall. In April 2013 Louise Rennie took over the business and any testimonials above should be for her.

29 July 2009

It is with great relief to find Anji, who loves our 4 Staffies as we do. Having a reassuring text every day while on holiday, just makes a break even more relaxing. Trustworthy and reliable. We are so fortunate to have someone who we can confidently call upon. Thanks Anji. AndyPearce

13 October 2008

We have found Anji to be 100% reliable and trustworthy. We entrust her with both our dogs, the cat, 2 rabbits a tortoise and 6 chickens!! We would highly recommend her to anyone and far better than using kennels. Phil Gallagher

15 September 2008

I would wholeheartedly recommend Anji to anyone who is looking for a dog walker. She is kind and caring and her commitment to your pet is easily apparent. Working shifts, I require dog walking services with no fixed pattern and Anji has been flexible and able to come to my rescue at short notice! Buster and I don't know what we'd do without her! Eileen O'Sullivan

3 September 2008

I would highly recommend anji@walkthedogs for her services. Whilst we were away on holiday my mother looked after our house but is too old to walk our 2 greyhounds Bobbie and Maggie so we employed anji to walk them. They took an instant liking to her and were only too happy to go walking with her. She kept us informed by text as to how they were and we were all delighted by her attitude. Phil Sharp

1 September 2008

After moving house last year, my lovable rogue 'Bailey' a rescue Weimaraner, struggled, he had lost his dad, and suddenly found himself home alone all day, whilst I worked full time. I struggled for 8 months on my own. Coming home at lunchtime to walk him, dashing out of work on time, to make sure I got home to walk him. Anji is my saviour, flexible, completely trustworthy, and Bailey loves her! Nikki Shepherd

24 May 2008

I have found Anji only recently, but have found her to be flexible and the dogs love her. It is peace of mind that Anji will look after my dogs whilst I am work and then sends a text to let me know they are ok. I recommend her to anyone. Samantha

5 May 2008

I have a retriever who is 3. I work part-time and I have arranged for Anji to walk Kaz on 2 days a week. I found out about Anji through this site. She has been a fantastic find. She is very caring and reliable, I like the texts telling me how the walk has gone, she's very accomadating if I need to change my work day. I would recommend her without hesistation. Liz Hendrickse

17 March 2008

just an update Anji now takes my 2 dogs 5 afternoon a week my dogs watch for her and know her car they act like they have not seen her for weeks even when its the next day. I could not do without her help, so thank you Anji from Rosalyn, Missy and Kais

11 January 2008

I am a recent company relo from the States and my work committments involve travel. Anji has been a godsend. I have (2) Curly Coat Retrievers and both Anji and the boys get along famously. I come through the door and its like.. oh its you.. where's Anji? Anji is more than just a pet sitter.. she truly showers the boys with love and affection and understands my worries, she texts always and leaves me re-assurred. I know they are in great hands as she cares for them as if they were her own. Anji is the best! Beth Bartow

8 January 2008

Anji has walked our Black Labrador "Nelson" 4 times a week since September 07. He looks forward to her coming at lunchtime and loves his walk with her. Getting a text each time she has been lets me be happy that he is OK, and can wait until I can get home. Amy Skinner

4 August 2007

Anji walked our two boisterous terriers while we were in Sardinia for a week. As our son who lives at home was out at work all day we found this a really useful service and much less stressful for our dogs than going into kennels. We found Anji very reliable, she took a lot of care to find out about the dogs and they were quite at home with her. We looked forward to receiving the text message she sent us every day we were on holiday and found this most reassuring. Katharine Jones

11 July 2007

Anji is great. My bichon frise puppy, Charlie, loves her! Anji texts me when she has been around so I know Charlie has been walked and that there are no problems. She really puts my mind at rest. Without Anji Charlie would be very lonely!! Thank Anji x Becky Gladwin

8 June 2007

Anji fed my five cats & kitten for a week when I went on holiday. My cats were very happy when we returned & Anji texted me every day to let me know how they were, which put my mind at rest. Iwould definitely use Anji again, an excellent service!! Claire Maycock

15 February 2007

Rolo & Teeny say...we love Anji! She takes us for a run twice a week where we can boing as much as we like. This is very important for springer spaniels because we are loopy. Anji came to meet us all at home first and we liked her straight away. She sends our owners a text to let them know if we've behaved ourselves when we've been out so they don't worry. Geraldine Keegan

13 February 2007

Anji walks my 2 daft staffs everyday due to work commitments changing. She allows them off the lead to run free and you can tell she just loves animals and that they come first. She texts me everyday after she has taken them out to let me know they are ok and shes had no problems. She has taken all the worry away about leaving them all day. If it wasn't for Anji I don't know what I would have done. I've found her trustworthy and very reliable and would definately recommend her to anyone looking for this service. Thanks Anji. Jackie Coutts

26 October 2006

I have 2 cats one quite old and can be somewhat grumpy -Gizzie. I went on holiday for 7 days and left them in their own surroundings. Both cats were so happy when we came home - Anji- a brilliant service Gizzie never a made a fuss when we came home which was a miracle!! Sam Cooley-Rees

25 October 2006

Anji walks my 2 dogs twice a week taking them to a park where they can run free it took months to find Anji as I have MS and wanted to be taken sometimes most will not take me or let the dogs run Anji is very helpfull and the dogs love her. Rosalyn Glenwright

24 July 2006

Anji has looked after my two dogs on three occasions, twice when i was away from home at work related events and more recently while i went on holiday abroad. One of my dogs is completely blind and therefore needs special care. She did a marvellous job and even emailed me each day to let me know how they were getting on. I was able to relax knowing they were being so well looked after in their own home. I will definately be using her service again soon - both dogs really enjoyed her visits. Frances Clarke

3 January 2006

Angela has been caring for my dogs for the last three months. She is professional and my pets enjoy her company. I would have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone who needs to leave their pets in safe hands. Mr Seaman

Louise Rennie @ Walk The Dogs
Dog Walking
Small Pet Care
Horse Care
Farm Animal Care

Non Smoking

Phone: 07595 441 977
Email: sorrell02@live.co.uk Web site: www.walkthedogs.co.uk

Extra Info: Experienced and reliable animal carer offering your pets the stability and comfort of being cared for in their own homes whilst providing added security to your vacant property. Fully insured and police checked. Also offering a dog walking and horse care service including exercise, feeding, grooming etc. Read our interview!

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Entry added: 24 August 2005 LPP code: y2408

Areas covered: Solihull & surrounding areas

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