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Bernard Scaplehorn @ Scaplehorn Pet Services

Area: Tyne and Wear, North East

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Interview with...

Bernard Scaplehorn @ Scaplehorn Pet Services

What services do you offer?
Dog walking, House sitting, Pet sitting, Pet taxi, care of cats and small animals in clients home. We do not offer boarding.
If you do pet sitting in your house, is your garden secure?
Not applicable.
If you do dog walking or dog sitting, how long are your walks with the dogs normally?
Depending on clients/dogs needs, but usually 30 mins to one hour, longer if requested.
How many animals do you take into your house?
No boarding offered, We normally walk clients dogs seperately offering a 121 service, but would walk more if requested and permission given from all clients.
Do you offer any activities for the pets in your care? For example Kong toys, search exercises, etc
Normally follow the routine asked for by the client, but quite often use search and retrieve to stimulate the dog. Any other clients toys will be used on request (balls etc).
How many pets do you have yourself and what are they?
Have had several german shepherds and unfortunately lost Kim (12 years) quite recently.
What are your hobbies?
Gardening, walks in the country, and anything to do with animals.
Is there anything that you would always recommend others to try?
Anything new.
Do you have dreams for the future?
Just to stay healthy and carry on working with animals.

Testimonials for...

Bernard Scaplehorn @ Scaplehorn Pet Services

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5 July 2011

This is the second year we have used Bernie & his team to walk our boys Buddy and Milo while we have been away on holiday. We couldn't be happier with the service they provided by walking the boys on the same walks they are already used to.We can highly recommend Bernie and will definately be using him again in the future. Adele McCoy

22 September 2009

Margaret cared for my two beagles whilst I was away on holiday for 1 week. Margaret is such a caring person and she gave my hounds stacks of care and attention. It gave me peace of mind knowing that my hounds were being cared for in their own environment by a professional dog sitter. Emma Burton

3 August 2009

Bernie's team look after my two bracco italiano full dog puppies aged just one (37k) and just two (43k) - and that is a wonderful but challenging job. They get a good off lead run in the country each working day lunchtime. My dogs look forward to it looking out for their van. I have no hesitation in recommending Bernie and his team and their professional and caring services. Brian Wilson

27 May 2009

We have now used Scaplehorn Pet Services for about 8 month, with Bernie and Steve walking our labrador 3 or 4 times per week. We couldn't be happier with the service they provide. With both of us working full time it was a worry that Danny wasn't getting enough exercise, and he loves exercise! Now we have great piece of mind thanks to Bernie and Steve! Susan Adams

7 May 2009

Bernie has been an absolute god send for me since being pregnant and partner working away. I couldnt manage to take zack out as much as I wanted and the idea came to me that I should get some help from a professional. Zack was not the easiest dog to take for walks but Bernie was very patient and zack has come to love and trust him enormously and is now a much happier dog. Thanks Bernie!! Kirstie

30 November 2008

We started to use Bernie this year and he's looked after our cats, Charlie and Mr Pussycat four times already. Our boys are much happier being left in their own home instead of the stress of the cattery, and tell us that they're pleased to see Bernie when he visits everyday. We're sure they're a bit fatter after a week in Bernie's care too! We'd highly recommend Bernie to anyone. Katherine & David Watson

29 October 2008

Bernie and Margaret are two of the most caring people that i have met. They took the worry out of going away and provided an excellent service. Our two cats, Guiness and Velvet are very wary of strngers but, both found it very difficult not to warm to Bernie and Margaret. Thank you for the excellent service you provided and we will see you in the near future. Stuart Cuthbertson

18 September 2008

I would just like to thank Bernie and Steve who recently stayed at our house while we were away on holiday and looked after Mikki our Border Terrier Puppy. Your attention to detail was above and beyond the call of duty and it is nice to see that there are still nice and caring people still about. You offer a very personal service. Thanks again Ashley, Michael, Milo, Raine, and Mikki xx

3 August 2008

We cannot praise Bernie and Margaret enough. They provide a fantastic, professional service. We love our 3 boys so much and they were so happy when we returned from holiday. Knowing they were safe, secure and loved was such a relief that we enjoyed our holiday so much more. We look forwar to using their services again soon. Dawn, Gary & Hannah Ward

3 August 2008

Bernie and Maraget looked after my two collies, Sophie and Bruno when i went on holiday. It was lovely to go away knowing that my dogs were well looked after in their own home. The service was so good that i've already booked Bernie for my next holiday. I would highly recommend Scaplenorn pet services, and Sophie and Bruno are looking forward to seeing them again soon. xxx Lorraine Whyman

8 July 2008

Hi, I'm Sacha ( 15 yo Weimaraner, blind and deaf ) Bernie walks Zena (collie x) and me whilst Mum trains our puppy. Bernie is kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy and humorous and is my best friend. Bernie gives good cuddles.Hope it takes a long time to train our puppy, cos Zena and I love Bernie. Every dog should have a Bernie xxxx Helen Wilkinson

7 July 2008

Hi my name is Nacho and I am a 3 year old weimaraner dog. My mum found me a new human friend who takes me out every day for some lovely walks. He never tires of throwing my ball and I never tire of hunting for it. My mum doesnt need to worry about me cos I am in good hands. If you need some exercise then contact my friend he always turns up when he says he will. He is dogs best friend. Nacho

17 March 2008

Bernie walks and looks after Scott twice per week and we have been absolutely delighted with the service. Bernie clearly adores animals and he has been extremely reliable, trustworthy and very dependable. My wife and I are busy business professionals and Bernie has always dropped everything to help us at very short notice. Colin

11 March 2008

Before I met Bernie I was hard work for my Mam and I kept pulling her over. I am a very big dog but I am really a big puppy so I have lots of energy. My mam phoned Bernie and he started taking me out. I have made lots of new friends since Bernie has been walking me but my favourite is Smokey and we have lots of fun together. I have calmed down alot and Bernie has trained me not to pull so my mam can take me out now. I can't wait to see Bernie and go for my walks. Sasha (dog) and Mrs G Young

10 March 2008

Bernie has been walking our Golden Retriever pup (Belle) twice a day for several months now and we're extremely pleased with the service. Friendly and flexible, Bernie obviously takes great interest in his clients and their pets, often phoning just to see how they are (He even attended Belle's puppy training classes on his own time). Bernie is always happy to help with advice on Belle but the thing that clinches it for us is that Belle absolutely adores him and the feeling is obviously mutual. You just have to see her reaction when he comes to visit, excited would be an understatement!! For these reasons and many more I would not hesitate to recommend Bernie and his colleagues. Best value for money I've ever had. Tony Keltie

9 February 2008

Bit of a complicated storey but after chunky ( STAFF BULL TERRIER) finally came to live with my self after being separated from her sister after being with her sistr of 8 years we had major problems with separation anxaity disorded bernie made a real bond with chunky he was intrested in her he rang on occasions he wasnt with her to see how she was getting on, bernie offerd fantastic advice on what we could do to improve the situation , bernie was gentle, patiant and kind with chunky Highly recommended. Louise Kent

9 January 2008

I used Bernie on many an occasion to look after my cat Nala when I was away for the weekend. He was always ready to help out at short notice, which was often the case and could always fit into the times that were best for Nala. Whenever I arrived home she was always happy and content. I have now moved away from the area but thank Bernie for being such a big help in ensuring Nala was well looked after. Sarah

31 October 2007

I have now used Bernie Scaplehorn on two occasions whilst on holiday to look after our two cats. I can highly recommend his services. He is very dependable and honest. Our cats seemed fatter when we got back! so they must be content! Would recommend his service to anyone. Mrs Norma Gray

26 October 2007

Hello, my name is Meg and I want to tell you about my 2 fantastic friends, Bernie and Stephen. When my Mum and Dad cannot take me away with them, Bernie comes to live at my house. We get on really well and he soon got used to my funny little ways - like me having half a chocolate finger with my morning tea. I love to run and either he or Stephen take me up Tunstall Hill or around the park three times every day. We play ball in the garden and tug-of-war in the house and I go to sleep on my own bed after Bernie tucks me up and gives me a bedtime biscuit. It's much better than kennels and my Mum is pleased too, she says the house is tidier when she comes back than when she went away! I have such a good time when my owners are away that I have to struggle to look sad when they return. Woof from Meg. PS. Bernie and Stephen are reliable and trustworthy. They soon developed a rapport with Meg who obeys their every command. We no longer worry about her when we are away secure in the knowledge that both Meg and the house and garden are all being taken good care of. Sandra Lane

29 August 2007

I have now used Bernie and Steven a few times when I have gone away on holiday. I have a deaf dog, who only has three legs and requires a lot of care and attention. Bernie and Steven are brilliant with her, very caring and understand the extra needs that she has. She can be a wary dog, however she has taken to them very well, and trusts them completely. I could not recommend Scaplehorne enough! Pauline Kay

13 August 2007

Bernie and Steven looked after our two cats while we were on holiday for two weeks; feeding them, changing their litter tray and letting them in and out of the house. We were extremely grateful, as they helped us out at very short notice. We were able to relax knowing that the cats and our home were in such safe hands. We will definitely be using Scaplehorn Pet Services again. Stephanie Short

6 August 2007

Due to our age and mobility problems we are no longer able to walk our Golden Retriever Mistral. To solve this problem Bernie and Steven walk our dog every day. They are thoroughly reliable, always arriving promptly at the pre-arranged time. As Mistral is also in the OAP league he is very set in his ways. He eagerly awaits their arrival, knowing that Steven walks his usual route, making the pace as slow or fast as is necessary. We are confident in the knowledge that Mistral is in secure hands and is left happily tired after each visit. They even ensure he has a fresh bowl of water. Bernie and Steven are very caring and also make sure that we are alright and usually take time to have a chat and cup of tea before leaving. We are delighted with the service and highly recommend it to all who are considering a similar course of action. Mr & Mrs Turnpenny

3 July 2007

Bernie stayed in our house and looked after our lively 3 year old crosshound Lucy while we were away for a week's holiday. We are delighted with the service we received. It was so reassuring to know that our house was in safe hands, particularly overnight, and Lucy could stay at home with the company and exercise she needs. Our friends and neighbours speak warmly of Bernie and I know he and Lucy have become firm friends. We will certainly call on him again when we next need a house/dog sitter. Bill and Pat Elliott

29 June 2007

Bernie and Steven take Smokey for a walk 5 days a week whilst we are both at work. We have been in a couple of times whilst they have come and he obviously loves them coming judging by the reception that they receive when they walk through the door. Smokey is a dog that enjoys walking with other dogs and Bernie and Steven have even taken him for walks with Rex to give him the variety that he needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Excellent service and very friendly people. Janine and Colin

20 April 2007

Bernie has been walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback Rex for a while now. He has helped me to maintain a healthy happy dog by taking Rex out 3 times a week whilst I am at work. Rex is overjoyed by Bernie and I truly believe this is due to the outstanding service that he offers. I would highly recommend Bernie to anyone, he is trustworthy and dependable. Emma Painter

10 March 2007

Bernie has been walking our dog for the past month whilst we were in Australia visiting our daughter.  Amber, our cross collie, had an operation to replace her cruciate ligament in November, and needs careful monitoring and exercise to build up her muscle.  The service has been excellent and we were delighted to receive regular emails and pictures of Amber while we were in Australia, which put our minds at rest.  We highly recommend this very professional swervice.  We now use Bernie regularly, and recommend him highly. Rob and Val Atkinson


Bernard Scaplehorn @ Scaplehorn Pet Services
Dog Walking
Dog Sitting
House Sitting
Pet Taxi
Small Pet Care

Non Smoking
Phone: 01914 166 856 or 07940 435 087
Email: info@scaplehornpets.co.uk Web site: www.scaplehornpets.co.uk

Extra Info: We offer a friendly personal service to care for your pets in their own environment, your pet will be given lots of TLC and affection whilst in our care and we will follow your pets normal routine wherever possible. Fully insured, NARP registered and Police checked. Read our interview!

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Entry added: 11 December 2006 LPP code: y1112

Areas covered: Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland, Chester le st, Birtley

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