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Melanie Parker @ Purrs & Paws

Area: Hampshire & Surrey, South East

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Michelle Woodburn

Interview with...

Melanie Parker @ Purrs & Paws

Which pet service/s do you offer?
Dog walking, doggy day care, cat and small animal feeding.
If you offer dog sitting or walking, please tell us some specifics.
All our dogs are walked in a fully enclosed doggy play park providing them with a safe, fun and stimulating environment. Dogs that I look after for the day enjoy a walk with all the other dogs (up to 6 or 7 of them) then they spend the rest of the day at my home living alongside my own dog with the full run of the house and garden, playing, sleeping....whatever suits them.
What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.
How long have you run your business for (in months or years)?
I have run the business for 5 months.
What type of pet/s do you have yourself?
I have a 6 month old leonberger who is a big soft teddy bear, 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs.
Do you have any recommendations to other pet owners?
Offer your pet plenty of love and security and you will be rewarded with a loving and loyal friend.
Do you have any dreams for the future?
I love what I do, so can't see it changing!! A big dream of mine is to have my own animal rescue centre, huge house, acres of grounds, filled with animals.......

Testimonials for...

Melanie Parker @ Purrs & Paws

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15 November 2015

Mel has looked after my cats for several years. I now only have one, Poppy, who is not the friendliest of creatures. However Mel has managed to establish a relationship with her and she is clearly very fond of animals. Mel provides a professional and very reliable service and I never worry about Poppy when I am away. She is also very flexible when my work plans change at short notice. Tina Downes

15 November 2015

Mel has been fantastic! The past 15 months my husband has been working in the USA. I've had to call on Mel frequently for her cat sitting and she has always been happy to cat sit, even at short notice sometimes. The cats love her and I feel it's much better for them to be at home. I wouldn't use anyone else! Thank you very much Mel. Emma Patton

3 November 2015

My dog absolutely adores Mel and doggy crew. Even though she only has him twice a week, she got to know him quckly and understands his caracter. She clearly loves all her dogs. She is absolutely reliable and she will do her best to squeeze him in at short notice if i need some extra help. She looks after him as her own. Thank you Mel! Louise Soden

4 October 2014

Purrs and Paws is a great option for me as my cat Betty has never liked the cattery and I often have to go away on business at short notice. Mel's caring and professional service gives me peace of mind that my pet will be left in safe hands. Betty is happy and has even started to leave "gifts" for her too!! Serena

6 June 2013

Mel from Purrs and Paws is totally reliable & punctual. Safety is a top priority for her. Even though she is only walked once a week and is one of a group, she got to know my dog's character very quickly and clearly enjoys being out with the dogs. Mel also takes time to play with them while they are out. Heather Mitchell

29 May 2013

Our beloved dog is a retriever/collie cross and collies are known to be devoted to their owners, but when Mel comes to the door, Carrie rushes to greet her and goes happily up the drive tail wagging! They are exercised in a well-drained and fenced field: never get lost, never get muddy! We happily recommend Mel! J.S. Marler

29 May 2013

Mel is so in tune wiht our dogs, we trust her implicitly with them. She is so reliable and a godsend when we have an emergency or an adhoc need. She copes with our puppy's needs and that of our older, more infirm dogs. They go crazy with joy when she arrives to collect them. She's safety conscious and even her van is amazing. we're really lucky, thanks Mel. Jennifer Raines

28 May 2013

Purrs and Paws provide an excellent service - my dog loves going out for walks with Mel and is always worn out when I get home. He has great fun with the other dogs and I would highly recommend her services! Pippa Needs

22 May 2013

Mel is a lovely lady and runs an excellent dog walking service. Our two boxers get really excited when they see her van arrive each morning! She takes a real interest in their welfare and always reports any unusual behaviour (good and bad). Mel has a real interest in dogs and we are delighted that she is able to work for us. John Winter


Melanie Parker @ Purrs and Paws
Dog Walking
Small Pet Care

Non Smoking
Phone: 07717 537 466
Email: melaniepurrsandpaws@gmail.com Web site: www.purrsandpaws.co.uk

Extra Info: Professional and affordable pet caring service that gives you complete peace of mind in your absence knowing that your pets are safe and happy. Read our interview!

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Entry added: 22 May 2013 LPP code: y2205

Areas covered: Clients within a 3 mile radius of GU10 3NW

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