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Carole Davy @ PetStay

Area: East Yorkshire

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Carole Davy at PetStay

Interview with...

Carole Davy @ PetStay

What services do you offer?
We offer a home boarding service.  We have carefully selected carers based in the Yorkshire area.   All our carers are interviewed in their own homes and are licensed and insured.  We match your dog to one of our carers and then set up a meeting for the owner to go visit them.  The customer always meets our carers before they book anything with PetStay.
If you do pet sitting in your house, is your garden secure?
Our carers look after the dog/s in their own home.   The gardens are all very secure as they have to meet the conditions on a Home Boarding License.  On average there are 60 conditions they have to pass.  PetStay also have list of guidelines and a training programme.
If you do dog walking or dog sitting, how long are your walks with the dogs normally?
When we first speak to our customers we take all the dog/s details and routines and then we carry out the instructions from that information.
How many animals do you take into your house?
We do not mix dogs together unless they are from the same household and a carer is allowed 3 dogs at anyone time but only ever from the same household.
Do you offer any activities for the pets in your care? For example Kong toys, search exercises, etc
We are always looking at our service and the quality of our carers. Our
carers have had dogs most of their lives but may have lost a dog or we have carers who have a friendly dog of their own. All our carers have many years of experience and are all dog lovers who want to give a safe, secure and loving alternative to kennels.
How many pets do you have yourself and what are they?
I have 2 dogs, Cassie and Lucy who are both cocker spaniels they inspired me to start PetStay as I had never put them into a kennel as I know how stressful it would be for both of them.
What are your hobbies?
I love walking and climbing moutains.  Last year I climbed Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike, Snowdon and The Yorkshire Three Peaks.  I also completed the Lyke Wake Walk which is 42 miles long.   As well as running PetStay I am a Charity Fundraiser for a local blind society and organise lots of challenge events, this year we have The Yorkshire Three Peaks and The Ben Nevis Challenge so anyone out there can contact me if you feel like a great challenge this year or check out www.herib.co.uk.   I love walking my two dogs Cassie and Lucy, they bring me such joy everyday.
Is there anything that you would always recommend others to try?
Yes always book your dog in with PetStay if going on holiday, they will have a great time and give you peace of mind.
Do you have dreams for the future?
I would like to climb the Atlas Mountains and raise money for my local dog resue home this year--looking for more people to join us maybe in October.  I have been running PetStay for 2 years and have really enjoyed speaking to all our customers about their dogs and finding them loving homes and hope that continues.

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Carole Davy @ PetStay

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Dog Sitting

Phone: 01482 470 281
Email: info@petstay.net Web site: www.petstay.net

Extra Info: PetStay, The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Petsitting Service. 5* dog treatment, loving carers and wonderful homes for your dog. Our carers are licensed, insured. Meet the carer in their own home before you book. Know where your dog is staying. Very reasonable rates. Read our interview!

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Entry added: 31 December 2006 LPP code: y3101s5

Areas covered: Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Area

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