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Caroline Howlett @ Petnanny

Area: Durham, North East

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Interview with...

Caroline Howlett @ Petnanny

Which pet service/s do you offer?
I am literally a pet's nanny so whilst I walk and train dogs, Petnanny will help in all aspects of your pets life. I specialise in training pet dogs to be well mannered, well rounded individuals that you can enjoy and you pay your normal dog walking rate. Cats enjoy not only the necessary feeding and attention but stimulation and entertainment, training is offered.
If you offer dog sitting or walking, please tell us some specifics.
As all our Petnanny dogs are trained by me to a high standard in order to be safe, I am happy to walk dogs together taking advantage of well behaved dogs spending quality time together. Depending on the standard and the dogs preferences this may be two dogs or five! Again walks are dependent on the individuals physical capabilities, preferences and on weather restrictions. You pay for an hour and we try to keep your dog out of the house home alone as long as possible, having fun with his friends. Time is spent habitualising them with farm stock and cats (I have hand tame stock), teaching them how to behave in strange houses. They learn how to travel safely in a temperature controlled van, I even have a shower for those times a muddy puddle is simply irresistable! Walks range from country walks, farm walks, parks, street training for those dogs unused to that environment and occassionally the beach. Frisbee is a firm favourite but limited so that they don't damage joints, we also teach them seek and fetch. Many are taught to travel next to a bike for familys wanting to take their pets on holidays. Time is spent relaxing and 'snuggling' the dogs so that they enjoy our company and also to teach them a walk isn't just about running and playing. Nothing beats seeing Petnanny dogs sharing toys and eating nicely with each other( all taught as standard), playing without getting out of hand then walking nicely back to the van for some quiet time. We own our own eight acre field a great place to teach recall safely and have games without worrying about safety. Dogs being Dogs.
What are your opening hours?
Ha ha thats funny, Opening hours whats that? We are pet people there is no such thing as off duty.
How long have you run your business for (in months or years)?
Petnanny was established in 1998.
What type of pet/s do you have yourself?
I currently belong to Tumbleweed the very very special cat, Flute and Tips the litter brother Ibizan Hounds who have taught me more than I could ever have imagined and two full sister mares who are Andalusian cross Appaloosa. My partner has three wonderful dogs Buzz the 15 year old patterdale, Rossi the gorgeous five year old Lurcher and Tink the little rip of a Border/ lakeland terrier. Oh and I care for two feral cats who moved into my old barn!
Do you have any recommendations to other pet owners?
Stop and remember to really enjoy your pets, sometimes through lack of time or training they almost become a job that needs doing. Don't expect anything to happen unless you have trained them to do it and lastly don't feel guilty, do what you can to sort the problem, get help if needed then you dont have to feel guilty! From a dog walkers point of view, never underestimate your responsibilty to provide all your dogs fundamental needs, not just making them happy but helping them hope and be safe.
Do you have any dreams for the future?
Oh so many! To still learn from each new dog. To celebrate 17 years of Petnanny with style and with all my loyal customers and to enjoy my own fur family for as long as they are with me. I'd like all local dog walkers to have an informal communication with each other, to support and help each other, putting competition aside to share the pleasure and pride we have in this 'job'. I truly want to have this my life long occupation....so here's to another 17 years? All being well.

Testimonials for...

Caroline Howlett @ Petnanny

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29 March 2015

Caroline has walked our dogs for 5 and a half years and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for first class pet care services. The dogs are well looked after, enjoy a variety of walks and the opportunity to socialise with all breed and sizes of other dogs. Caroline not only walks the dogs she also includes training, monitoring health and grooming into the daily routines Kim & Alan

7 August 2011

Caroline has looked after Poppy & Roly for over 1 years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is fantastic with the dogs. They come home tired, happy content 9& traned) after a fun day with their Petnany pals. Very experienced and professional first class service provided at all times and quality care which is second to none. Kim Leighton

14 October 2009

Caroline is beyond belief in her drive and energy and expertise. My dog actually cries when she gets dropped back home! Caroline and Sam do a smashing job, and Caroline has been a life-saver, literally, to us and we can never sing her praises highly enough! Cait and Loolly

2 June 2009

Caroline is one of the few people in the world I'd trust to look after my babes. She cared for little Squirrel while I was away and there was no-one else to help. Since then, I've seen how she does her job many times. I've seen her spend time chatting to cats and cleaning up their little messes, making friends with rats and snakes, not to mention giving dogs interesting yet controlled walks in Jenny Adams

13 May 2009

When I moved back up home i could no longer take my dogs to work. I contacted petnanny and she came to see me , and started to help me immediately with an over excited dog in a small flat. since then we have all moved on and she now looks after my two dogs. she has been invaluable in the rehabilitation of my second rescue, Elsie and her support has helped me see it through. Paula Howden

10 December 2007

I remember, (not so long ago) driving home from a long hard day at work, my feet pulsating like I'd walked 50 miles that day, the rain lashing down on the windscreen. I'm thinking to myself, dog to walk before starting dinner - could I get away with cutting off all 4 corners of the field or will that just make Florrie (my spaniel) sulk, feeling cheated by me - not only left all day - alone- but now not even getting a full walk! Aah, but that was before Pet Nanny, (Caroline H) came into our lives. Caroline lives up to her name as pet nanny. This girl is not just a dog walker - my dog gets much, much more. Florrie has been returned home on numerous occasions showered, groomed and nails clipped (to name but a few that I know of). She has a lovely time socialising, learns from extensive experiences within different environments and gets educated! Wow, what more could I ask for. It is by no means an easy decision to hand over your pet to anybody - is it? Are they trustworthy? Are they reliable? Would Florrie get well exercised? Would Florrie have fun? How will I know the job actually gets done? These are just a few questions I had in my head but I found the answers out straight away because I often work night shift so here's my story .... One late morning (3 days after employing pet nanny) after night shift I was pottering around in the kitchen and Florrie was lying flat out upstairs when all of a sudden I was astounded to hear and see Florrie flying down the stairs and skid across the kitchen floor, obviously very excited - I didn't know what was going on. And then, the garden gate opened and in came Caroline - wow was Florrie pleased to see her? She had recognised the sound of her car engine - she never gave me a backward glance and walked off happily with her "pet nanny". What more can I say?! Lyndsey Staerk

26 October 2007

If it wasn't for Caroline and all she has taught us with our Weimerarner, Vinnie we wouldn't have been doing such a good job on our beautiful daughter, thank you Caroline for all your advice, help and time. Vinnie's mum and dad

26 October 2007

I can go on holiday knowing you will and have always looked after Dorcas, 18yrs old, fantastically well. She always looks as well as we left her, well loved and pampered. I know dear Jason, 21yrs, loved having you around over the years. Thank you again for looking after my lovely cats and giving me complete piece of mind no matter what. Jason and Dorcas kitties mum and dad (Wilma Jordan)

26 October 2007

Charlie is so much happier since you started taking him out during the day, not to mention, so much better behaved (!) - I can't thank you enough!' Thanks again Kirsty, Matt & Charlie numb nuts! (But you've gotta love him don't you?!)

25 October 2007

We have used the PetNanny service for three years and never worry when we go on holiday now. Its a wonderful service for animal lovers who like to keep their animals at home instead of putting them into a cattery or kennel when they go on holiday. PetNanny also provides a daily service if necessary for when owners are out at work or otherwise away from home. Obviously to be providing a service like PetNanny does, you need to be a real animal lover, putting the care and needs of the animals first. If your animals need extra visits or a visit to the vet, PetNanny takes this in her stride so you know your animals have first class attention and nothing is too much trouble. We can't praise the service enough and would thoroughly recommend it to other animal owners. Sandra and John Coleby

17 October 2007

We found Caroline after seeing her van in a local dog walking location. Our first dog Loki was a beautiful lively dalmation puppy around 2 months old at the time. From day one Carolines dedication was evident, on meeting my naughty little puppy she seemed to instantly have control, unlike ourselves. As Loki grew, Caroline helped with training and gave advice on many other problems we and Loki encountered. Her advice, help and support was much needed and appreciated, particularly when Loki was poorly. Caroline then offered us the opportunity to home another beautiful Dalmation, Nanci. Nanci is deaf and was around 8 months old when she joined us about a year and a half ago. It was extremely daunting taking on Nanci initially and we must admit that we wondered if we would be able to cope. But with Carolines advice and help when Nanci first came home, we have adusted to her disability very well. She helped us to communicate with Nanci in a way we never needed to with Loki. Nanci is now very happy in her new home and we are even happier to have her with us. Both Caroline and Glynn are loved by our girls and they look forward to their time out with them and their other canine friends. Caroline has been extremely flexibile with us over the years and has helped out on numerous occasions. We currently use the service five times a week although this changes she will always accomodate us. Carolines main priority is the welfare of our dogs and if that means that from time to time Caroline needs to nag us about something, then that is what she does. This shows us that her main priority is the girls. Petnanny services have been fantastic over the past few years with support and advice. For this we could not thank Caroline and Glynn enough. Stu and Sonia Kent

5 October 2007

Well what can i say about Miss howlett, some years ago before i started my business i enlisted her help with my troubled dog. I became good friends with Caroline and with her help and support now run my own dog walking business along side petnanny, we still to this day make time to meet up evey week with our charges and support each other fully. I also own two beautiful whippets after falling in love with Carolines lurchers, swift, buck and the blue eyed boy! "and a quick mention to ella bella for all she will not be amused i have mentioned her last" well thank you caroline for always being you..... Holly

4 October 2007

Hello from sunny Queensland, Australia! I can't recommend Caroline enough, before emmigrating she always took such great care of all our menagerie ( the cockatiels, bunnies then of course all our cats). She spotted ill health and followed through with all the treament required over the years. The animals all loved her and enjoyed her visits. Nicky brandi

Caroline Howlett @ Petnanny
Dog Walking
Dog Sitting
Dog Training
Horse Care
Small Pet Care

Non Smoking
Phone: 01914 103 647
Email: pet-nanny@tiscali.co.uk Web site: www.ukpetnanny.com

Extra Info: Est 1998. Petnanny offers a complete petcare service for you & your dog. Country walks, training and genuine affection all come as standard.Insured, police checked and feel free to talk to long standing customers. Training, behavioural work and advice available. Read our interview!

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Entry added: 4 October 2007 LPP code: y0902s2

Areas covered: Chester Le Street, Whickham, Birtley, Washington, all surrounding areas

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