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Clare Littlebury @ Dogs and Mogs

Area: Hertfordshire, East Anglia

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Interview with...

Clare Littlebury @ Dogs and Mogs

What services do you offer?
I offer dog walking, house sitting, small animal and cat care, puppy training and socialisation.
If you do pet sitting in your house, is your garden secure?
I only petsit on rare occasions, but my garden is secure.
Which animals will you care for?
My walks are an hour, either on or off lead, depending on the owners preference, and their dogs behaviour! When i house sit, i will walk for as long as the owners dog is used to.
How many animals do you take into your house?
I prefer to only walk one dog at a time (unless from the same house in which case i will walk up to three). I usually take my boxer, as he is very good round other dogs, and makes the walk more enjoyable for the other dog. If i find two dogs, that i feel would benefit from walking together, i will ask the owners permission before i put them together, but i don't do this very often.
Do you offer any activities for the pets in your care? For example Kong toys, search exercises, etc
I practice heel work, and recall whilst out. I take treats and toys and use them as rewards for good behaviour. I try to make the walk as much fun as possible.
How many pets do you have yourself and what are they?
I have a 12 month old boxer, and two domestic rats. Im getting a kitten shortly, and will hopefully be taking a rescue dog in the near future.
What are your hobbies?
I'm a keen horserider and enjoy walking my dog. I will also be setting up puppy training classes soon. I like nights out, and eating out. My hobbies are anything sociable really.
Is there anything that you would always recommend others to try?
Its not a doggy thing, but i would suggest people try to follow their dreams. I left a good job as a Police Officer to run my company, and i wish i'd done it years ago. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is a very true saying.
Do you have dreams for the future?
I hope in the future to get a bigger house and be able to foster rescue dogs. And i'd love to buy a horse.

Testimonials for...

Clare Littlebury @ Dogs and Mogs

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26 September 2017

Claire came to look after my cat for 4 days while I was away. She did an amazing job, I asked her to open the windows and move the curtains which she did and when I came back I found the house to be sparkly clean! I couldn’t recommend her more, the cat was happy and she updated me on the visits. Great service! Lisa Poggi

2 October 2016

Clare fed our two cats whilst we were on holiday recently. She popped in twice a day and the timid two even got a stroke from her! She left the kitchen clean and tidy for our return and a little note to say she'd seen the cats and all was well. What a surprise to see the bowls washed up and the litter tray nice and fresh. She's an angel! Highly recommend Clare of Dogs & Mogs Veronica & Mark Hennessy

9 August 2014

First time I used this service and was very pleased, my cat was much more relaxed and being feed in her own home than in a cattery, reliable service would highly recommend. Allison walker

26 October 2007

Claire was recommended to us by a friend, and our dog Digby immediately took a liking to her... We have used Claire on a few occasions when my partners and my shifts were long and coinciding. Claire was often on hand at short notice, which is very reassuring in case of being off duty late, or not being able to get back to let Digby out during the day. Digby was happy, content and comfortable on our return. Claire will spend the whole hour with Digby, even if his walk is for half an hour, there is then half an hour left for playtime!!! I have recommended Dogs & Mogs to others, and hope they have benefited from this excellent service. Sarah Denyer - Stanstead Abbotts, Ware

23 July 2007

I have just used Clare for the first time and will definitely use her again. All my cats looked very happy on our return from a 2 week holiday, so next time we will not need to worry when booking Clare. Sue Marchini

26 June 2007

Clare is excellent and my x lab Byron (ex rescue) loves her. Byron hates other dogs and the fact Clare walks him on his own is great. Clare has attended training (in her personal time) with me to help Byron. Clare has worked Saturdays at last minute and also offers a great Holiday service through Lynda who is also excellent. Clare is very trust worthy and I would fully recommend her company. Caroline Gibson

20 June 2007

Since having a bad experience with a similar service. Clare has proved to be ideal for us. She very professional and was not afraid to take on two allegedly difficult dogs. Our dogs are very happy and it is no longer a worry leaving them knowing they are going to recieve the best of care. Emma Clementson

18 December 2006

We are new to the area and we were a little nervous about leaving our two old girls with someone they didn't know. We need not have worried, Clare looked after our girls and we were very comfortable with her having the keys to our house. We came home to two very happy, content and healthy cats what more could we ask for? We are very happy to recommend Clare and would not hesitate to ask her to help us out again. Lee-Anne Craven

7 May 2006

Clare has been walking my lab Rosie for a few months now and she is good because I can rely on Clare to look after Rosie and walk her for an hour each day and not worry that she is not getting enough exersize. Also it is good for Rosie to sometimes walk with Clare's dog to let Rosie get used to being around other dogs. Clare has always been very flexible with times and walking Rosie and I greatly appreciate all the help she has and is giving us. It is a big relief to know we do not have to worry too much when Rosie is at home when we are at work as we know Clare will help accommodate looking after rosie. I highly recommend her! Rachael Brooks

24 April 2006

Having previously left our two dogs (Boxer & King Charles Spaniel) with family whilst on holiday. this year was the first time we have tried a professional housesitter and we were therefore unsure what to expect. We needn't have worried. Clare kept us up to date and reassured us when we called and on our return after two weeks the dogs were so calm and happy with Clare that it was like we had never left. They both had plenty of exercise and were bathed after those muddy walks - i know they both enjoyed their time with Clare and wouldn't hesitate to use her services again - a blessing when you still enjoy holidays abroad. Baz & Lesley

23 April 2006

I was really worried about having someone walk my dog, and keep keys to my house, but now i've used Clare i wonder why i was worried. My dog likes her, she's really nice and helps me out at short notice. I've used Clare since she first started up, and i would give her name to anyone i knew who needed a walker or sitter. Vicky Parish

23 April 2006

I use Clare a couple of times a week to walk my Cross Breed Henry. I find her to be reliable, professional and my dog loves her. She has keys to my house, and i will probably use her to housesit this summer for me when i go away. I feel happy knowing that when im at work Henry is having a good walk with someone i trust, and Henry likes. Emma Hicks

21 April 2006

Clare has been looking after our 2 cats for the last few months. She really takes care of everything e.g. play with them and brush them. She is reliable, professional and helps you out at short notice. I would recommend her to look after your cats and dogs. Beatrice Rigollet

18 April 2006

After several months of trying to find a walker who would take on my x lab, i found Clare. My dog is aggressive to other dogs, after a bad experience at a young age, and i could not find anyone to take him on. Then i found Clare, who walks him alone. I know she only walks a maximum of two dogs at any one time anyway. She takes Toby out for an hour everyday, by himself. It puts my mind at rest, as i know he is being exercised, and is not put at any risk of fighting. She has also helped him, by gradually introducing him to her own boxer, so that he may one day be able to have some playmates. I would recommend her to anyone, but especially if you have a dog that no one else wants to take on. Helen Applegarth

13 April 2006

I have used clare to walk my dog, and also to care for my two cats. She gets on really well with my dog, and only ever walks him alone or with one other dog. She often helps me at short notice, and will always fit me in if she can. My dog realy likes her, and so do the cats. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a reliable, trustworthy walker or petsitter. Bev Stubbs

17 February 2006

Clare has looked after my dog Richie on several occasions and walks him weekly. She always helps us out at short notice and Richie really likes her. Highly recommended and very professional. Gavin Smith

Clare Littlebury @ Dogs and Mogs
Dog Walking
House Sitting
Pet Taxi
Small Pet Care

Phone: 07930 171 023
Email: info@dogsandmogs.co.uk Web site: www.dogsandmogs.co.uk

Extra Info: Experienced dog walkers offering individual and group walks, on or off the lead as required. We also offer cat visits, small animal care, puppy let outs and house sitting. All staff insured and CRB checked. Run by Ex Police officer. Read our interview!

Testimonials: Click 2 read!

Entry added: 12 February 2006 LPP code: y1205

Areas covered: Hoddesdon, Ware, Hertford Heath, Stanstead Abbotts, Hertford, Broxbourne, Cheshunt and surrounding areas

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