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Caroline Kjall @ DogBasics

Area: Ovington, Thetford, Norfolk, East Anglia

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Interview with...

Caroline Kjall @ DogBasics

What services do you offer?
I hold puppy and basic courses, intermediate PAYG lessons, behaviour consultations and private training in a 2 acre training paddock. My focus is more on teaching the owners, so you can bring puppies and dogs of any age to our lessons and socials. I also run a dog day care and home dog boarding in my house. From November 2015 we will also have a dog friendly holiday let.
If you offer dog sitting or walking, please tell us some specifics.
I also offer dog day care and boarding in my home. No kennels, the dogs sleep on the sofas and dog beds. We are usually out walking between 2-3 hours per day. Max 4 dogs per day.
What are your opening hours?
Pretty much open 24/7, due to the day care and boarding. Classes are mainly held at weekends, but when there is interest there are some midweek lessons too...
How long have you run your business for (in months or years)?
I've run my dog training business since I took my dog instructor diploma in 1994. I started dog sitting around the same time.
What type of pet/s do you have yourself?
I no longer have any pets of my own.
Do you have any recommendations to other pet owners?
Don't get a puppy / kitten and don't breed from your pet. Get a rescue dog or cat instead and help us stop the increasing number of rescue dogs and cats out there! Just at the Battersea satellite of Battersea Dogs Home, they have 400 dogs and some 200 cats waiting for new homes EVERY DAY!
Do you have any dreams for the future?
Winning the lottery so I can buy a few acres of land for a communal dog park. There just aren't enough places for dogs to come off lead in the countryside. As weird as that might sound... We live bang in the middle of sheep, cows, horses, game keepers and their birds, farmers with valuable crop... there just are not that many places to let your dogs run in. I also want to find a a way to help more dogs avoid rescue centres...

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Caroline Kjall @ DogBasics

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Dog Day Care
Dog Sitting
Dog Walking
Dog Training
Dog Friendly Holiday Let

Non Smoking
Phone: 07932 686 998
Email: info@dogbasics.co.uk Web site: www.dogbasics.co.uk

Extra Info: DogBasics offer reward based lessons where you can learn about dog behaviour & dog language. We cater for all ages and sizes, offering basic to intermediate obedience, private training and puppy classes. Agility from spring 2016. We also offer dog day care and home boarding (no kennels!). From November 2015 we will have a dog friendly holiday let. Read our interview!

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Entry added: July 2005 LPP code: y1706

Areas covered: Norfolk - Ovington, Thetford and surrounding areas

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